With warmer days ahead, Steph and I are so excited to enjoy our home…from outside! Summers in Toronto are really nice and while it’s also great to dine out, we love staying in and dining on our very own patio. Spring is usually right around the time we start looking for a few pieces to add a new touch to our patio and Canadian Tire has always been our go-to. The CANVAS Collection has a great selection of furniture, accessories and decor for outside — including planters, woven baskets, lanterns, blankets, etc. That’s why we were so excited to partner with Canadian Tire on their CANVAS collection, in styling three different areas: 1. Lounge, 2. Bar, & 3. Dining. Starting with cocktails and apps at the bar, followed by dining for lunch or dinner, and lastly a cozy lounge area that’s perfect for roasting s’mores by a warm fire. Check out all 3 styled areas below…

We also love to entertain our family and friends. While we share most responsibilities in getting everything ready for our guests, there are a couple of areas that I’m solely responsible for: 1. The bar & 2. The music. So here are a few entertaining tips that I’ve learned over the years that’ll make you a successful host in both areas:

HIS Tips on Entertaining:

  1. Garnish Your Drinks – while hosting our family and friends, there’s no better way to catch up than over a drink while we break some bread. They say that cooking for and serving others is an expression of love. Similarly, while hosting, Steph and I share that mentality and one of my responsibilities is being the bartender. My tip for all the home bartenders out there is to garnish your drinks! Whether it’s some fresh rosemary, mint leaves, or a slice of lime, it adds a personal touch to your drinks that’ll leave every glass looking nicely dressed up.
  2. Make a Playlist – what’s a party without some music? Set the mood for the night by setting up a little playlist ahead of time. Some chill tunes for a casual evening or some up-tempo for a celebration. It keeps the guests groovin’ and happy!

Shop & see more of our tips & styling at Canadian Tire!