I’m often asked, “what’s it like to work with your wife?”. And I’ll always say it’s the best, but you have to work at it. At the start of every week, I love setting new goals for myself to keep me motivated on a business and personal level. I think it’s super important to reward yourself for small and big accomplishments — whether it’s pouring yourself a glass of wine or a nice evening out. With the ebbs and flows that come with working together, I love that Steph and I keep each other accountable and encouraged towards reaching our weekly goals. And though it can get frustrating at times when some things take longer or don’t get checked off the to-do list, we hit the reset button and try to turn it up with a new attitude. We’ll turn down our computers and take a walk to grab a coffee with the intent of renewing our minds, and coming back with a fresh approach at things. And sometimes a coffee turns into a lunch date, but hey…that’s what I love about working with my Wife. ūüôā

 T H E   F I T

I’m a huge fan of these¬†Chelsea Boot for two reasons: 1. they come with Advanced Comfort Technology (ACT) insoles that include shock absorption in the heel, arch support and breathable flex on the toe pads, and 2. they are really nice looking boots that look great with jeans and trousers. I’ve got a pair of these monk strap dress shoes from BR that I’ve been wearing for the last two years with the ACT insoles, and they’ve become the most comfortable pair of dress shoes I own. I’m also a fan of the skinny Japanese traveller jean — they are made of breathable and excellent elasticity that makes movement easy and comfortable. Worn with a striped Italian merino wool sweater, I paired it with an olive jacket that gives off a utility look while looking equally swell for wear over your business casual attire (ie.¬†dress shirt and tie).

S H O P   T H E   L O O K 

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