Before heading into the office, I like taking some time every morning to get organized and inspired. A good shower and a solid scrub of those chiclets will do, but they say that your morning routine can set the tone for the rest of the day. Not every morning or day is the same but there are a few things I can’t go without, so let’s get into it…



1. A Cup Of That Bean

Every coffee lover knows that it may just be the most important drink of your day. My relationship with coffee is ever-evolving and two cups will get me through the day, but there is nothing quite like the smell of a fresh brew first thing in the morning. Steph isn’t a coffee drinker but she’ll make me a cup and join me with her tea over breakfast —¬†did I mention that she can make a mean breakfast! ūüôā



2. Reading My Devotional

It’s usually the first thing I’ll do before I get out of bed — thanking God for his grace and another beautiful day. I have a devotional app on my phone and reading it every morning brings me peace and the inspiration/direction to carry forth my day.



3. Checking My Calendar & Emails

Part in parcel of planning out my day has to do with checking emails before heading into the office. Meetings pop up with¬†the ebbs and flows that come with our jobs and one way to stay ahead of the game is to plan ahead and schedule commitments and meetings¬†into your calendar. I’ll also plug in reminder alarms on my phone and a to-do list that’ll keep me in line with those smaller tasks. Organization mitigates stress and for me, makes me feel prepared for the day ahead. Another way I keep myself organized is by investing in a briefcase that carries all my work-and-life essentials. I don’t carry a lot with me but my laptop, chargers, wallet, keys, pens, notebooks, phone, headphones, and a snack, carry well in this JACK SPADE briefcase.



4. Dress Like A Man In Charge

Lastly, I find that power-dressing provides an element of confidence to my day. Paired with a positive attitude and I’m ready to carry out my day.¬†Whether its the addition of a tie to your dress shirt or a slick briefcase to your overall look, it’s a new day — let’s take charge and own it!




I hope sharing my morning routine and my four tips are a source of inspiration to you. You can shop my look and similar pieces below to ‘Dress Like a Man In Charge’ too, below:

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