It’s wedding season and so many of our friends and family have been either recently engaged or are getting married. So when it comes to dressing up for their big day, I’ll do my best to coordinate with Steph on colours. But this past weekend I let the weather dictate the dress code — it was HOT! For an outdoor wedding I went with a cool blue look, pairing a crisp gingham blue shirt with a pair of nanotex wool pants. If you’re like me and can be a messy eater at times, you’ll love the nanotex technology on these Banana Republic pants — they’re stain proof! I also went with the ‘Camden’ fit on the shirt, which is a slimmer cut. Completing the look, I skipped the socks and traditional dress shoes, and slipped into a pair of these comfy suede loafers. The outdoor reception party wasn’t as formal, but you can always add a tie for good measure!

You can shop this look and other options below for all your formal summer events:

S H O P   T H E   L O O K

Thank you to Banana Republic for partnering on this post.

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