J.Crew Factory Tweed Blazer

Back to business with one of my favorite combos: plaid shirt + tweed blazer. Peep the fold to see why this combo is so effective…






T H E   E S S E N T I A L  

Meet your new go-to: a short, tweed sport jacket. It’s the perfect fall jacket that will take you from the office to the weekend.

P A I R   I T

Worn with a plaid shirt, the combination provides texture and a twist to the fabric. What makes the overall look so effective is that the plaid pattern is subtle and is complimentary in color with the blazer and bottoms. It’s become one of my favorite shirts to layer under sweaters and jackets.

W E A R   I T

Equally versatile, the tweed blazer is easily dressed up with a tie and trousers and dressed down with jeans as shown in this look. What polishes the overall look is the choice of shoes — go with a lighter shade. Style wise, the oxfords compliment the business casual look very well, but the light brown hue allows them to stand out.

T H E   S T E A L

Top the look off with a canvas briefcase bag to carry your laptop and belongings. The shocker: it’s less than $40! Great bang for your buck and fantastic quality from Old Navy. It’s quite possibly the steal of the full look.

S H O P   T H E   L O O K

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