Iíve teamed up with American Express to share my travels tips and some
exciting news about Entertainment on Cloud 10


I donít mind
flying at all but the rest of the journey can be stressful at times Ė traffic 
on the way to the airport or delayed flights. Iím always looking for
comfortable and 
convenient solutions to mitigate stress and to get the most of
my travel experience 

and so, Iíve partnered up with American Express (Amex) Canada to show you
just how!

T R A V E L   T I P S :

Tip #1: Donít Be On Time, Be
One of the most important lessons
Iíve learned from past travels is to arrive early. 
It alleviates the panic of
being late and concerns of missing your flight. It also proves 
advantageous as
you can beat line-ups for your flight time, grab snacks, and comfortably 
some last minute work done in the waiting area.

Tip #2: Layer-Up: Wear a Light
Travelling from colder to warmer
climates is always a challenge because you know you 
canít dress in just a
tee-shirt to the airport when youíre leaving -5C in Toronto and 
you donít want to be wearing your parka on the flight there. My solution: 
up. Iím all about comfort so I layer up with a tee, a light sweater/hoody, a
jacket, and joggers/sweats. By the time Iím inside the airport, the
jacket is around my 
waist and on the flight I pack away the layers into my carry-on.

Tip #3: Maximize your Phone
I use my phone for business and
pleasure and often find that battery bar looking red Ė the 
last thing you need
to see over a long day of travel. My solution: Charge up your phone the 
before, delete old pictures (to take new ones), and pack a charger. An
solution is to pick up an external battery that
sits on your phone much like a case to 
provide a back-up once your phone dies.

Tip #4: In-Flight Comfort: Pack a
Neck Pillow
Depending on the length of your
flight, you might be stuck in your seat for a few hours. 
Enhance your in-flight
comfort with a neck pillow for better support for your head, neck, 
and back.

Tip #5: Entertainment on Cloud 10
Music and books are two forms of
entertainment that I enjoy most during my flight and 
trip. Iím always looking
for new music to listen to and new books to read and with Amexís 
latest travel
offering Ė Entertainment on Cloud 10 Ė Iíll be doing just that. Cloud 10 offers 
free e-books and music downloads onto your tablets and phones, free Wi-Fi, and
access for all travelers visiting Toronto Pearson International Airport
(even if youíre not 
an Amex Cardmember!). How awesome is that? I encourage you
all to check out 
Entertainment on Cloud 10 when you travel next through Toronto
Pearson to top off your 
travels with a song or book that fits your style.

Entertainment on Cloud 10 offers
a variety of genres of music and reading for you to 
browse through, download
and enjoy. The following are a few of my selections that Iíll be 
downloading to
keep me busy through my flight:

+ Bruno Mars
+ Calvin Harris

+ The Great Gatsby

*Note: You must
download when you arrive at Toronto Pearson, so be sure to turn on 
your Wi-Fi
& load a couple on your device before you hop on the plane. 

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